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Folly-Yem Systems Limited is a Private Limited Liability Company Incorporated on February 4, 1994. Folly-Yem Systems Limited, which currently operates at 27 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Allen, Ikeja, Lagos started as a wholly owned company offering Point of Sales System Equipment and services. We also offer Professional Information Technology Support Services which include Marketing and Sales of Office Automation like computers, Uninterruptible Power systems, Cash Machines and other Office Automation Accessories. Our ranges of products are for use in Offices, Banks, Hotels, supermarket, Fast food centers and other Point Of Sales. Our desire to be branded as a household name in the provision of Professional Support services is evidenced by our ranges of quality products, custom Marketing and Sales. Folly-Yem Systems business definition is to continually provide up-to-date and state-of-the-art equipments for our clients' diverse needs in response to changes in the environment.



We shall be a household name in the provision of professional support services constantly adding value to clients' business.



To position the company as a company with a culture of quality products and delivery of excellent services while making use of experienced professionals in helping clients realize their potentials.



Our objective is to be a world-class Professional support Services Provider. We shall dominate the Nigerian market and venture into other frontiers that have been left untouched.



The Company is divided into three units, which are based on its activities. These are Sales, Maintenance and Consultancy units. Sales Unit This unit focuses on the Marketing and Sales of Office Automation such as Computer Systems, Printers and Accessories, Cash Registers and Point of Sales Systems, shredders and Office Support Accessories. Maintenance Unit This unit is saddled with the responsibility of providing After-sales services to our clients' with respect to Repairs and Maintenance of all systems and machines supplied by the company. Research & Development Unit This unit serves as a think-tank for solving clients' problems. Feedbacks are collected from services provided and taken as feed forward into providing a better service. We have re-positioned ourselves into serving our existing and potential clients who desire customized services. This unit in conjunction with our partner develops and implements software packages.



SAM4S. It is this quest of ours to improve the quality and ease of operation for our clients that we applied for and won the dealership of SAM4S ELECTRONIC CASH REGISTER , RECEIPT PRINTERS AND OTHER POINT OF SALES SYSTEMS. BIXOLON CO. LTD., SOUTH KOREA. We are the Nigerian, licensed agent or representative of BIXOLON CO. LTD, the manufacturer of Bixolon-SamsungMiniprinter-POS (Point Of Sale). MOTEX PRODUCT CO. LTD, SOUTH KOREA. We are also agency of MOTEX brands of Shredder, Scales, Labelers and POS consumables. We also partners with major manufacturers and dealers of Point of Sales Equipment and Accessories in China and England. We are still expanding our scope of networking and varieties of product. The company is currently embarking on aggressive training of its personnel so as to help position it in meeting the challenges of increased Clientele. The company believes, according to its custom, that only the provision of excellent services that can stand the test of time would entrench its brands in the hearts of esteemed clients' and guarantee a continued patronage. The company has, in essence, embarked on a re-capitalization process to finance the attendant business expansion.