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Barcode Printer

SRP-770III Bixolon


Barcode Printer


  • - High quality label printing at speeds of up to 127mm/sec (5ips)
  • - Fast data processing speed for various types of label
  • - Compatible with market leading programming languages; SLCS, BPL-Z, BPL-E
  • - Smart switch programming language without setting the mode
  • - Standard Interface: USB, Optional Interfaces: USB + Serial, USB + Ethernet
  • - Compatible with label design software; BIXOLON’s Label Artist Seagull’s BarTender® and BarTender UltraLite for BIXOLON
  • - Easy media loading with adjustable media width guide and folder
  • - Peeler as standard
  • - Various mode setups via button confirmed by visual LED
  • - 2 year warranty as standard


SRP-E770III Bixolon barcode economical 4” direct thermal label printer boasts 5 Inches per Second (IPS) (127mm/sec) and produces 203dpi high quality text, graphics and barcode labels. With fast data processing speed on all types of label. Fully compatible with marketing-leading programming languages including SLCS, BPL-Z and BPL-E. Alongside label design software including BIXOLON’s Label Artist Seagull’s BarTender and BarTender UltraLite for BIXOLON. The SRP-E770III is a smart printer which can automatically detect and switch to the correct programming language. The printer modes can be easily switched via a button which is visually confirmed by LED. Supporting a compact, ergonomic design featuring easy media loading with adjustable paper guide between 1.5~4.2 inches. For use in barcode and receipting applications with the added bonus of printing on fanfold label media. The SRP-E770III comes with a 2 year warranty as standard.
Interface options:

1. SRP-E770III DUS : USB and Serial with Peeler
2. SRP-E770III DUE : USB and Ethernet with Peeler